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Free of GMOs

Fresh & Healthy

Quick freezing technology

100% Organic

Rich in nutrients

IQF Molokhia

Molokhia  is one of the most products that Egypt is famous for, it is well known for its lively green color , high concentration , and tasty flavor.  we offer Frozen [IQF] Molokhia that is refinery pulled and cut to guaranteeing a defect free product that free of any additives or chemicals. Even more the fresh leaves are
pulled cut and processed by  the most updated technologies and the techniques.

Leaves – Chopped

  • Retail packages : 400 g, 1Kg, 2Kg, 2.5Kg, 5Kg
  • Carton box : 8 Kg – with inner blue plastic bag
  • Mesh bag : 25 Kg

Defrosting and re-freezing are not allowed

Seasonal harvest calendar

Packaging service

Offering a wide variety types of frozen products packing to meet all market needs.

Packaging materials are approved for food contact  and comply with EU legislation for frozen food packing.

Retail packages

Determine the weight you want according to your market and consumers' needs

Carton Box

Bulk / carton box with inner blue plastic bag
and blue tape

Mesh Bag

A strong and authorized material for use in Keeping and storing frozen food


THEMAR LAND brand’s retail packages are characterized by several  features that encourages consumer decision-making ..


We are proud that our products are of quality to obtain these certificates

and our quest continues to meet Whole local and international standards.


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